1902 dining table

Wooden metal Dining table, white, simple, elegant, three-dimensional, no deformation, no cracks, moisture, corrosion, glass inverted.
The etching is resistant to high temperatures and the color is natural and beautiful.

Details des Produkts
Indestructible tempered glass surface, can withstand temperature difference changes of more than 250 degrees, 8 times better than ordinary glass, impact strength and resistance to quenching and rapid heat. If it is destroyed, it will only be dispersed into small pieces without sharp corners, which can be used safely.

Practical hardware rails, smooth sliding feel.
Wooden design with a solid structure.
Large-capacity drawers, and the collection of sodium objects is more worry-free.
Stainless steel feet, the bearing capacity is stronger.

Product name: postmodern Dining table
Type: Living Room Furniture
General use: Home Furniture, Dining Table
Material: Metal,Stainless Steel,Toughened glass,Marble,Wooden
Place of origin: Foshan Qilin Furniture
Brand name: Qilin
Model number:1902
OEM/ODM: Accepted
Color: As shown in the picture
Appearance: Modern style
Size: 1200/1500*800*750mm


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